Boy George

Guess who’s back? Just until he’s recovered from his surgery. . . .


(When he goes to the shelter next week, I’m hoping no one will be able to resist that face.)

3 Responses to “Boy George”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Oh he’s so adorable, I wish we could have him…. I’m sure he’ll find a new home quickly, but I’m sure he’ll miss you. And you’ll all miss him too.

  2. Benita Antonio Says:

    Hi Jacqui- Jean-Pierre has been nudging me to consider taking Boy George as we lost one of our cats in August- disappeared and likely taken by the coyotes in the nearby Glen Valley area, just outside Fort Langley- some have wandered into to town. He certainly is very cute, as all kittens are I guess. Have you found a home for him? We have an adult female cat who is quite inactive and a lab/retriever/shepherd cross male dog who occasionally likes to chase the cat- more often that was Bat- the one we lost. How has George gotten along with the dog?Our cats have always gone in and outside in the neighbourhood so I’m wondering how George would manage.
    If you’ve found a home for George that is great but if not we are starting to consider him for ours.
    Great ATC cards by the way- do you sell them?

  3. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Yes, George is still available for adoption, but we’d prefer he remain an indoor cat and not become potential coyote food (actually, the SPCA asks that all adopted cats be kept indoors — not only for the health and safety of the cats, but also for that of neighbourhood song birds).

    I appreciate Benita’s interest, though, in both George and my ATCs. Maybe I’ll try to make some ATCs and art buttons available for sale in the new year.

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