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Unhappy surprise

October 12, 2007

Well, this has been a crazy busy fall. Not only have I been preparing for the launch of my new book, which is a week away, and the unveiling of my new web site (coming soon!), I’ve been helping organize the Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC (CWILL BC) Fall Book Harvest (unfortunately, the event has been cancelled due to the ongoing city workers strike), working on a history project at my daughter’s school, today sent off four poems to an anthology of hockey poetry for kids (cross my fingers that at least one will be accepted), and next week I’ll be guest blogger on Orca Publishers website.

To top everything off, yesterday I found out that the house I’m living in has been sold (and I didn’t even know it was for sale!). I received the info, not from my landlord, but from a member of the work crew that showed up in my yard ready to dig up soil samples for the developer who just bought the property and the two adjoining ones. Yes, the house and yard where we have lived for the past ten years is about to be destroyed to make way for a big condo development. I knew this would likely happen eventually, but I guess I’d niavely thought we might have a few years left, so the news was a bit of a shock. Our house is old, in need of repair and wont be a great architectural loss when it is torn down (though it will be hard for us to find another place that is comparable in terms of space, privacy, convenience, the allowance of pets, affordability, etc), but it will be a big loss to see all the trees go. We have a huge yard that is full of mature trees and bushes (including several that we planted ourselves when we moved in). As my daughter says, I don’t care about the house, but I’m going to feel bad about the trees. It’s also disconcerting not knowing exactly when we’ll have to leave or where we’re going to live when we do.