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West Coast winter haiku

December 5, 2016

One thing I actually enjoy about Vancouver’s winter rain and early darkness is the neon reflections.

wet city(2).jpg

(A version of the above photo-haiga was published in the last issue of A Hundred Gourds)

Today, we even got some snow. It’s days like this that I’m happy to work at home.

winter rose(2).jpg

More wet stuff

December 13, 2008

Yesterday was a rainy day sandwiched between two rare sunny days. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside on the sunny days and was out and about on the rainy day. As I left the house, giant wet snowflakes were coming down. By the time I got to Commerical Drive and downtown Vancouver, there was just giant wet. I still ended up enjoying myself — perhaps because haiku kept happening (and creating anything always puts me in a good mood), and perhaps because I was still feeling high from good news I received the day before.

The haiku:



 rain on bus windows

 blurrs neon and car headlights

 into Christmas colours






buildings, sidewalk, street

everything is cloaked in gray

except a red coat


The good news:

My first picture book story has been accepted by Orca Book Publishers (for publication in Fall 2010)!!