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Kitten update

November 7, 2007

Remember the kittens I blogged about August 3 and August 25 — the ones we were looking after for only a few weeks or so until they were ready to be adopted? Well, we still have them. Curious, the little female (no longer so little), recovered very quickly from her broken leg. She is very sweet, and my daughter wont part with her (Curious, however, still seems to prefer the dog to the rest of us).


George (bottom cat in the photo) is very likable as well, but we have been trying (with limited success) not to become too attached to him. Tomorrow, he is off to be “tutored,” as the Gary Larson comic goes, and after that he will be staying at the shelter until he’s adopted (actually, the spaying and neutering are happening none too soon, as this week we’ve had to keep the two cats separated). I’m going to feel bad saying goodbye to George, but our place has been feeling too small for three in-door cats, and it will be hard enough finding a new place to rent with one big dog and two cats (we also have our older cat, Meeko).

George is a beautiful, good-natured cat with soft, luxurious fur — good with dogs and other cats. If anyone out there would like to adopt him, he will be at the Vancouver SPCA shelter or the Richmond SPCA education and adoption centre. He’s such a lovely cat, I’m sure he will be adopted quickly. . . . At least that’s what my husband keeps assuring me.

Click here for a link to the BC SPCA website (and shelter addresses).