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Random sights

December 4, 2008

I haven’t posted any graffiti images in awhile, so perhaps I’m due. I’m always intrigued by stencil graffiti (which seems a little more rare), and here’s one that caught my eye today (under the Skytrain by Metrotown mall).


The Blues Brothers made their first appearance on Saturday Night Live when I was in highschool, so catching sight of them out of the blue (so to speak) was kind of like unexpectedly hearing a favourite old song (btw, I never seem to tire of watching/listening to the first Blues Brothers movie).

Spider graffiti

August 29, 2007

spider webs


artists of the night

shape their art, unseen, unheard

unveiled by sunlight


new angel sightings

June 7, 2007

angel at construction siteangels under the Skytrain

Angels watching over us

May 30, 2007

I came across these angel graffiti images at two different locations in downtown Vancouver. I like the whimsical, yet faceless nature of the angels. Like they are waiting there for anyone who needs them, their blank, non-judging faces ready to be whatever someone needs them to be.

angel graffitiangel graffiti2

Graffiti of the day (and the Stanley Cup play-offs)

May 5, 2007

I’ve decided to post a “graffiti of the day” whenever I come across a graffiti image or message that catches my attention. This one was added to a Samsung wall ad in the Burrard Street Skytrain station (for anyone unfamiliar with hockey arenas, the machine is an ice-repairing zamboni):


The writing is on the wall!

January 31, 2007

Yesterday I discovered this graffiti on a neighbourhood wall and received an email about action to raise awareness about Global Warming. It seemed appropriate to pass them both on:
global warming graffiti

The 1st of February 2007:

Participate in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global Warming!

The Alliance for the Planet (a group of environmental associations) is calling on all citizens to create 5 minutes of electrical rest for the planet.

People all over the world should turn off their lights and electrical appliances on the first of February 2007, between 1.55 pm and 2.00 pm in New York, 18.55 for London, and 19.55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy. 1.55pm in Ottawa, 10.55am on the Pacific Coast of North America.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate.

Why February 1? This is the day when the new UN report on global climate change will come out in Paris.

This event affects us all, involves us all, and provides an occasion to show how important an issue global warming is to us. If we all participate, this action can have real media and political weight.

Please circulate this call to your utmost ability to your network.