About me

fuzzy photo taken by my daughterI was born in Vancouver and grew up on Vancouver Island. After going to university in Victoria and Toronto (and achieving degrees in English Literature and Environmental Studies), I found myself back in Vancouver. For years, it was supposed to be a temporary stop on my way back to the island, but I guess I finally have to admit this city is where I live — and even that I enjoy it.

I write novels, short stories and poetry — mostly for children and young adults. I think of this blog as an extension of my creative writing and perhaps even of my art. It’s a place I can share writing, thoughts and visual images that don’t have any other outlet, and a place I can play around with words and pictures. Fun! And maybe (through people’s comments) I can find out if anyone else thinks in a similar way and get a bit of a dialogue going.

I chose the name “wildink” because it reflects my interest in “wildness” and my two creative pulls: art and writing (the “ink” part). For me, “wildness” is that untamed, unplanned creative force that flows through things. It’s crows, coyotes, weeds, graffiti art, intuition, inspiration, mystery….. things that thrive at the edges (of the city and of consciousness), things that push themselves up between the cracks. Catching sight of wildness keeps me going. Whenever eye strain gets the better of me, I leave my computer and explore the city by public transit, looking for signs of “wildness.”

In between the cracks, I make art.

(For more on my books, check out the “My Books” page on this blog or visit my website: http://jacquelinepearce.ca/)