Choo choo ku is on the way

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Last Train Home, the anthology of train haiku, tanka, and rengay, which I’ve been working on for close to three years (as editor) is almost ready! Will be launching the book with a virtual train tour starting here next week.

(waiting for a late train at the Brockville Station in Ontario, shortly before I boarded VIA Rail’s Canadian to travel from Toronto to Vancouver back in Sept 2015)

6 Responses to “Choo choo ku is on the way”

  1. julietwilson Says:

    looking forward to it!


  2. jthorndyke Says:

    my copy of the anthology arrived!

  3. haikutec Says:

    I’ll definitely on this planet a little longer, even if I have my green card to leave for the next star system!

    Congrats to everyone, and to Jacquie!!!

    Love the book, such a high quality production look, and great content!

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers

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