Bamboo & Basho

Interested in haiku poetry or how to use bamboo in your garden? This Saturday I’ll be joining other poets from the Vancouver Haiku Group at Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden for a celebration of bamboo. Angela Naccarato, poet and Intuitive Consultant, will lead haiku workshops (open to anyone visiting the garden, with three workshop times between 1-3pm), and I will be sharing some of my photographs of “bamboo in Basho’s footsteps” (from my last visit to Japan).

Bamboo haiku workshop

A haiku I wrote on my last visit to the garden:

bamboo haiku

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7 Responses to “Bamboo & Basho”

  1. metalandmettle Says:

    I’m sorry I’ll have to miss it (I have to work tomorrow). I love the bamboo picture and the haiku by the way – great pairing!
    Will you post your photos later? I’d love to see them.

    • Jacqueline Pearce Says:

      Thanks, Dominique! Sorry you won’t be able to make the event, but if you haven’t been to the garden before, it’s worth a visit when you get a chance. Re. the photos: I wasn’t planning to post them, but you’ve got me thinking… Maybe I will post something about visiting some of the spots where the poet Basho walked when I get organized. In the meantime, if you are interested, here is a link to a past post about my last trip to Japan:

  2. metalandmettle Says:

    Oh, I have been to the garden, and it’s one of my favourite spots in Vancouver! I am so glad you are going to post your Basho photos – I really look forward to that.
    And thanks for the link, Jacqueline.

  3. craftygreenpoet Says:

    sounds like a great event!

  4. Yousei Hime Says:

    How did it go?

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