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Crunch time

November 6, 2010

Fall is one of my favourite seasons. I love the colours, the fresh air that’s cool and exhilarating, but not yet cold, and the smell of fallen leaves that brings me instantly back to my childhood. I think I’ve talked in a previous post about how fall always feels to me like the start of a new year more than January does. There was always the excitement and anticipation surrounding starting a new grade or a new university year, new clothes, seeing old friends again, wondering what the new school year will bring, the build-up to our local Fall Fair (which I looked forward to every year), then Halloween and the thrill of roaming around at night with my friends. And something about the grey sky, the sound of geese flying overhead, the stark branches of trees revealed as leaves fall, the smell of the leaves underfoot… seemed to hint of intriguing stories to be told, potential adventures to be had, secrets to be uncovered –as if there was something creative and unseen crackling in the air around me.

Darby’s visit to my blog last month reminded me that I haven’t posted any haiku in a while, so here’s a haiku that attempts to capture some of that fall feeling I’m talking about:

leaves crunch underfoot
crows billow over treetops
bonfire smoke at dusk

Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of the cloud of crows that passed over these trees on my way home earlier this week, but you get a hint at least.

I took this next photo right before the first (a bill-board near my bus stop). I apologize for the quality of these photos, but I liked the mood.