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Time-Travelling character makes a blog-hop stop

October 14, 2010

Greetings Jacquie P
So good of you to have me
Here, inside your blog

My name is Darby Christopher, and I write pretty lame haiku. But Jacquie Pearce, the author of Wildink, invited me here for the day, so I wanted to at least try to fit in!

The truth is that this month I’m cruising around the internet in a blog-odyessy, celebrating the launch of my new book. It’s called FACING FIRE and Jacquie has kindly made this space available so I can tell you about it.

FACING FIRE picks up the story of what happened to me after the magical summer that you may have read about in A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. Both of these novels tell the stories of how many different people came to live in Canada. The cool bit for me is that I got to see these stories unfold in real time. Because I may not be very good at Haiku, but I have discovered that I do seem to have a talent for ….time travel.

So if that interests you at all, and you want to learn more about either of my stories, you can always have a peek at kc dyer’s website.

Or better still, maybe you’d like to win a copy? If you leave a comment on this post, Jacquie will put your name into a draw to win a signed copy of the new book – FACING FIRE. And if you actually link to this post somewhere else [like in another blog, or facebook post or even a tweet] we’ll put your name in for the draw for BOTH of my books.

So what do you say?

By the way, if you’re into looking for prizes, [especially if you like making videos], check out my blog HERE at Darby Speaks. I have an AMAZING contest going with some totally fantastic prizes. And if you like twitter, you can follow all the latest on the contest and the blog tour and launches @DarbyWalking.

See you there.

Time for us to part
But there is no sadness, for
I’ll be Facing Fire

Thanks for having me, Jacquie!