What I like about winter

Winter in Vancouver is damp, grey and colourless. Or is it? There are so many subtle colour variations that I enjoy in winter –muted greys and browns, unexpected yellows and purples.  Nothing bright and showy, but perhaps more rewarding because you have to look more carefully to see them. I also love the shapes of trees in winter and the secrets the bare branches reveal. I don’t think of their shapes so much when they are covered with leaves, but with their branches exposed, the shapes seems more emphasized to me — like hollow wire sculptures or woven baskets.


row of bare-branched trees

each, a lacy sphere or cup

to hold a bird’s nest


(photo of trees along Marine Drive, taken out the bus window)

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5 Responses to “What I like about winter”

  1. Shari Says:

    The bare trees do have a beauty all their own (as does the grey blending into grey of sea & sky). Love your haiku! 🙂

  2. Crafty Green poet Says:

    I agree, i love skeleton trees against winter skies, such a stark beauty

  3. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Thanks for the positive comments. I spent time by the ocean this past weekend, Shari, and there is definately a different beauty in the winter seascape (wish I could have stayed and contemplated it longer). And although I’ll miss those skeleton trees once spring is fully here, I’m also very happy to welcome the blossoms and returning warmth and greenery…

  4. Yousei Hime Says:

    Wonderfully imagery. I like this very much. I agree with you about the subtle offerings of winter. I confess, I wore out early this year. Usually I’m looking for spring in mid to late February. This year I was ready in January. I’m enjoying the shapes of tress even though spring is near. We’re suppose to get snow this weekend. 😯

  5. absurdoldbird Says:

    Lovely Haiku, and yes, winter trees are very interesting and have a different feel to them from summer-clad ones.

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