November morning


Exciting to wake up to sunshine instead of rain again this morning (that’s two days in a row here on the wet coast!). The view from my kitchen window inspired a quick haiku:

mist weaves through tree trunks

as houses warm this morning

sunlight holds last leaves


And another image from this morning:

I have yet to see a coyote since we moved beside the ravine, but I’m keeping my eyes open (especially late at night when I let the dog out to pee before bed — and hoping the dog won’t give chase if we spy one).

As for writing, I’m actually back working on my neglected novel (yeah! I was getting a bit worried I’d forgotten how to write), but progress on unpacking boxes and setting up my office seems to have stalled.


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2 Responses to “November morning”

  1. Yousei Hime Says:

    Yeah! She stopped in! Glad you’re back to writing. I know that has to feel good for you. Love the wildlife. Watch out for the coyotes. They will kill dogs (a friend’s was attacked and he just saved it). Take your time on the unpacking (just as needed). It’s not going anywhere (anymore–lol). Hope your eyes are better.

  2. Yousei Hime Says:

    Hey busy lady! Please stop by my blog at your earliest convenience. Something special for you there.

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