As the sun sets today…

waves of home-bound crows

crest over tops of fir trees

struggling in the wind





The sky is still orange as I type this, so these may be the most immediate images I’ve ever posted! I was concerned that my sunset view might not be as good at my new place as it was at my old. I needn’t have worried. (By the way, it was the crows that were struggling in the wind, not the trees.)

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7 Responses to “As the sun sets today…”

  1. Yousei Hime Says:

    beautiful photos
    creating fluid meaning
    beautiful haiku

    Glad to see a new post. Dare I hope the unpacking is waning? I took your advice and started on a story. Predictably, life interferes. Watch for it. I hope to post it this weekend. I hope.

  2. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    I love it when people respond with haiku, thanks! Unfortunately, the unpacking/cleaning/fixing is not waning yet (can’t put one thing away until another thing is ready, etc). I was just taking a break, sitting down in front of our gas fireplace with a cup of tea, when I looked out the window, and…

    I look forward to reading your story. Post a link here if you like.

  3. Crafty Green poet Says:

    beautiful photos,

  4. J-P Antonio Says:

    You’re posting again! Your house must be inspiring you. I look forward to much more New House writing.


  5. Yousei Hime Says:

    Finally finished it. I know I rushed it a bit, but it’s there. Take a look when you have the time.

  6. Rochelle Says:

    I am enjoying your new postings of your new place.
    The following haiku doesn’t relate to your posted photos but to a return email I received from you.

    The Christmas colors
    made me smile on a gray day
    filling me with cheer

  7. absurdoldbird Says:


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