Writing update

too-many-notes_meeko1Here’s what my work space looks like right now. Still not totally organized since our move, and as you can see, I can’t remember anything unless I write myself a note (apparently, there’s a lot I need to remember).

I’m easily distracted by the call of the Internet. I tell myself, “I’ll just check up on one blog” or “I’ll just quickly update my Facebook status” or “I’ll just Google this one topic,” and an hour or two later, I’m still on the Internet, my eyes are burned out, and I haven’t gotten any writing done. I say this by way of apology and explanation for my apparent lack of attention to this blog and to the blogs of others. I have been trying to stay off the Internet (not always with success) and focus on writing my current novel. Progress has been slow. I’ve been working on it since about this time last year and hoped to be finished or almost finished by now, but am not even half way there. I keep getting stuck and coming up with excuses for not pushing myself to do the hard work of writing that next sentence, next scene, etc. Some distractions are fruitful ones, however, as I took a few weeks off to research and write the picture book, which has already been accepted by Orca Books. I’ve also taken notes on various other stories I’d like to write (new ideas are always a distraction!).

So, once again, I’m telling myself that this week I’m going to buckle down and work on the book I’m supposed to be working on. Once I get back into the writing, I get back into the excitement of it, so here’s hoping for an exciting week….and an exciting next week….month…etc!

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6 Responses to “Writing update”

  1. Jean-Pierre Says:

    Ahhhh… I know what your talkin’ about. My apartment is never cleaner and my correspondence is never more up-to-date than when I should be focussing on a paper or a due-last-week work chore. Then , when I’ve exhausted all my distractions, my mind settles down and I finally get to it. Later, I wondr what all the fuss was about. Why didn’t I just get to it earlier? I prefer to think that all the avoidance is a sub-concsicous ploy for gestating ideas. It’s a good excuse.

    Best of luck with your book! I am looking forward to reading it. Think of all of us fans out there eagerly awaiting the next Pearce novel. That might inspire you a little.

  2. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    I’m guessing the cat might be a distraction too sometimes….

  3. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Actually, the cat usually curls up on the floor near my feet while I’m working and is no bother. He prefers to do his distracting at night when I’m trying to sleep!

  4. Heather Says:

    I too am eagerly awaiting the next novel. And I know exactly what you mean about getting caught up in the Internet – right now I’m supposed to be packing some boxes, but thought I would check out some blogs instead.

  5. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Thanks for the book support, Jean-Pierre and Heather! It may be a bit of a wait at the rate I’m going…

  6. Rochelle Says:

    It must be very difficult to persevere and stay focused and at the same time needing to rest those baby browns!

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