Lost and found

It’s taken several weeks, but we’ve finally finished the move to our new home. Now, it will probably take several more weeks for us to unpack and find a place for everything (moving to a smaller space definately has its draw-backs).

One good thing: In the process of sorting and packing, I managed to find my watch, which I thought I’d lost two years ago (it was in the pocket of a pair of shorts I apparently haven’t worn for two years). My husband also found a long-missing dog whistle, which he thought he’d never see again (also in a pocket).

Here’s a photo of what our new living room looks like right now. It reminds me of one of those picture puzzles for kids. Can you find the three animals hidden in the picture?

living room in process

2 Responses to “Lost and found”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    glad the move went well! The nearest cat looks very cosy in that box…

  2. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Thanks, Juliet. Unfortunately, the cats seem to want to sleep all day and keep me up all night since the move.

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