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button art and my crafty past

January 14, 2008

one-inch button articleHere’s a glimpse of my one-inch button article (and buttons) featured in the new Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio magazine, and Hello! to any Somerset Studio readers popping by for a visit. It’s always nice to get something accepted by Somerset Studio, which is full of inspiring stamping and mixed media art examples and ideas.

I made these buttons for the magazine’s “green” theme (you can see a close-up of a few of them in this August post), and in the process was reminded of the larger buttons I used to collect when I was a kid. When I was about age 10-12 I had two sides: my tomboy, rope-climbing, street-hockey playing side (the most visible), and my artist, craft-making, creative writing side (kept more to myself). To the right is a photo of me from that era (about 1974). I’m wearing a felt tomboy crafter circa 1974hat that I made by hand. I cut and sewed the felt (I think it was yellow), then wet it, stretched it over my mom’s wig form (everyone had a wig in the 1970s), and left it to dry into a head shape. This was my own invention, and I made more than one hat like this. I pinned my buttons to this one. Unfortunately, you can’t see the buttons very well in the old photo, and I can’t remember what they looked like. I think one had a peace sign and another had the words “flower power.” (My watch band embellishment was another home-made craft.) The rope swing was one my dad hung from a big maple tree in our backyard (there’s one still there today).