It was a dark and stormy day…

I spent yesterday (Sunday) in the rain at Vancouver’s Word on the Street festival, ducking under tents to hear authors read and to warm up next to those portable out-door heaters. I wasn’t sure if there would be anyone left by 3:30 when I read from The Truth About Rats (and Dogs), but the tent ended up filling up, and it was great to meet some readers who’ve been enjoying my books. I didn’t have any live rats with me this time — just a puppet (much to the relief of the older lady who said she forced herself to come and hear about rats in the hope that it would help her hate them less).

One of the highlights of the day for me was hearing former actress Meg Tilly read from her new YA novel, Porcupine, taking on the voice of the main character as she read. It was also enjoyable meeting up with other children’s book authors and friends. Below are some photos I took at the event and posted on the BC Children’s Writers and Illustrators (BC CWILL) blog. It includes CWILL authors Heather Kellerhals-Stewart and Norma Charles at the CWILL table (top left), Deborah Hodge (reading from her new picture book at middle left), Meg Tilly (lower right), Tiffany Stone, Kari-Lynn Winters and fellow Tickle Trunk Player Lori Sherritt (bottom left) and me (middle bottom).

Word on the Street


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