Small town, big park

I’m always on the look out for interesting graffiti and bits of creative colour in the city. This past weekend I was at a family reunion in the small BC interior city of Vernon and came across this skateboard park.

Vernon skateboard park

When I was a teenager there was no such thing as a skateboard park or a skateboard store (at least not outside of California). My boyfriend and his friends were possibly the first skateboarders in our town. They had to special-order their boards through the local bicycle shop, build their own 1/4 pipe out of plywood, then haul it around town on the back of an old pickup truck until they found an empty parking lot in which to set up (luckily most grocery stores were closed on Sundays back then, and Safeway had a loading ramp that you could use to get up good speed).

3 Responses to “Small town, big park”

  1. Clare Says:

    How did this small town make their skate park a reality ? I ask because I am an idealist trying to find realistic funds to bring one – and more – to my town.
    thanks to all………

  2. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    I’m not from the town, so I don’t know the history behind the skate park getting built. It’s a city owned park, so the city must have come up with the funding. I Googled “Creekside Park, Vernon” but couldn’t find out any more info.

  3. Wizard Says:

    Make a Petition, get heaps of people to sign it, take it to local council members that look out for the youth, keep trying, be positive about the whole thing, and you will get it.

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