Taking photos isn’t the only way to remember a holiday

Since I became interested in Artist Trading Cards (ATCs: 3 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch works of art you can save and trade like hockey cards), I’ve taken some basic ATC art supplies with me whenever I go on holidays. The most fun is creating the cards as a group activity (if there are five people participating you create five cards, with each person adding something to each card, so that everyone ends up taking home one card created by everyone). Manning_Park_ATCI’ve done this with people who don’t normally make art, and they were surprised how much they enjoyed themselves — like they were kids again, allowed to play with paper, scissors and glue.

The card above is one I made with four women friends during a weekend getaway to a cabin in Manning Park (can you tell eating and knitting were two themes of the trip?).

Nelson_ATCAnd here’s one my mother, daughter and I made on a trip to Nelson, BC, the town where my mother grew up (includes images from a brochure on the town, bits of map, and a rubber stamp skunk bought from a Nelson artist, which reminded us of two skunks encountered on our trip).

I ended up doing a card to commemorate my Oregon trip on my own, which wasn’t as much fun (it encorporates bits of local newspaper and road map).Oregon ATC

Visually, these aren’t my best ATCs, but in terms of the memories they evoke, they’re my favourite.

6 Responses to “Taking photos isn’t the only way to remember a holiday”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    the lighthouse card is wonderful, I love the way you’ve used the text here.

  2. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Me again! I couldn’t find your email address so I’ll leave another comment! I’ve just nominated you for the Blogging for Positive Global Change Award. You can read more here: http://craftygreenpoet.blogspot.com/2007/07/blogging-for-positive-global-change.html

    Best wishes!

  3. Marcia Says:

    Congrats on the BPGCA award! Came over from Crafty Green Poet to see who she awarded it to.

    ATC’s are a wonderful idea! Even if no one else I know does them, they would make a wonderful personal collection for me. I really enjoyed viewing yours, I can see how they would trigger memories. I may try one or two.

  4. Heather Says:

    Wonderful cards Jacquie! I especially love the lighthouse one (of course) and the Nelson one carries memories for me too!

  5. Jean-Pierre Antonio Says:

    Can you post some more of your art cards? They’re really interesting. I like the combinations of text and imagery. It’s a perfect combo for your talents. Sort of haiku-ish too because of the brevity. I bet Basho would trade art cards with you if he were alive today.

  6. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments. Interesting point about ATCs being haiku-ish. Somewhat ironically, the smallness/brevity of haiku and ATCs is great for someone who is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time for art or poetry, yet both forms also require that you pause and take time to notice things and form your thoughts into something concise.

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