More strange weather

My daughter and I spent this past weekend on Vancouver Island and took the ferry back to the mainland late Sunday afternoon. As we sailed south from Nanaimo to Tswassen we travelled in sunshine, but the ocean was an eerie pale green around us, and the mainland was hidden by a wall of black, sliced periodically by lightning. My husband phoned from somewhere in the middle of the blackness to say he’d be late picking us up at the ferry terminal, as he was waiting for a thunder, lightning and hail storm to ease off.

As we neared the ferry terminal, the captain announced a pod of orcas off the port side of the ship. They were too far away to see clearly, but we could make out dorsal fins breaking the surface. Once we were off the ship and my husband had picked us up, we drove in bright sunshine, obviously just behind the retreating storm. The road was still wet, a bald eagle sat on top a lamp post above the road, drying its wings, and we also passed several hawks doing the same.

We took our time getting home, and arrived just in front of another approaching shower. hailEven though the hail storm had been over for almost three hours, and the sun had been out, there was still unmelted hail on the roof nextdoor (looking like unseasonable snow), and the air was cold. (Sorry, I’m sure you’d rather have seen a photo of the orcas than my neighbour’s old mossy roof.)

The second shower passed, and a double rainbow filled the sky.

To top off the wierd weather, parts of the Okanagan (normally the hottest spot in BC during the summer) had actual snow Sunday night! (the cold lower mainland storm must have hit there next).

Check out Brainripples for a rain storm inspired haiku story (which you can add to).


One Response to “More strange weather”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Finally you’ve seen whales, at least from a distance, from the ferry!

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