The books have hatched!

JacquieThe first Spring Book Hatching, held at the Vancouver Public Library on Saturday, was lots of fun! There were crowds of people and over thirty B.C. authors and illustrators showing their creative stuff. I shared a table with Diane Haynes, author of mystery-wildlife-rescue Dianenovels for teens, Flight or Fight and Crow Medicine. Diane was inspired to write her first novel in the series after rescuing an oiled seabird and volunteering with the Burnaby Wildlife Rescue Association. The crow book came about after Diane rescued a baby crow from a busy road. She was also inspired by crows’ intelligence, playfulness and love of all things shiny. I recently profiled Diane’s latest novel (as well as the first book in Clem Martini’s Crow Chronicles, The Mob) in a double-page spread on crows, which I wrote for the latest issue of Bark! the magazine of the BC SPCA Kids’ Club. With both Diane’s and my books focusing on people and animals, and with both of us being crow fans, we were a good match.

A few highlights of the Hatching (most of the photos taken by author/illustrator Cynthia Nugent):

Hatching images


2 Responses to “The books have hatched!”

  1. floatingclouds Says:

    Hi Jacquie: I’ve been out of the blog loop for quite sometime. Nice to see you are busy & creative as ever. This Book Hatching looks awesome!! VPL must be a wonderful library. I still plan to review your wonderful teen book. I am now reviewing for School Library Journal: Adult Books for Young Adults column as well. Lately I’ve been busy with my Teen Loving Care wiki page for Durham County Library in North Carolina. Check it out if so inclined at: (
    Good luck with your books, and buttons! My son, Mitch, makes & sells sock monkey buttons on his sock monkey web

  2. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Great to hear from you, Jodi! Sock monkeys: now there’s a topic for a blog one day….

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