When the sun comes out…

About noon today I decided to take a break from writing and go out for a Starbucks hot chocolate. I just missed the bus, which was frustrating, and had to walk to the Skytrain. Half way there, I looked eagleup to see a bald eagle circling low in the blue sky (yes, blue sky, not gray and rainy). The eagle continued to circle above me the whole rest of my walk. Eagle sightings always feel significant — like you’ve been honored by their presence or they’re markers of something important that’s happening or about to happen…. At the very least, they remind us to pay attention…. And if I hadn’t missed the bus, I would have missed this one.


One Response to “When the sun comes out…”

  1. floatingclouds Says:

    Lucky you to see the beautiful bald eagle. I live in a rural area where a large Wal-Mart was recently built. Over the past weekend a hawk flew into the Wal-Mart store down the shopping cart corridor. They had to call the NC Zoo to send a wildlife rescue person to get the hawk out. It turns out a customer did the deed by bringing a pet pigeon in a cage and luring the bird out after 3 days of folks trying. Then again last week, I stopped at a horrible strip mall in Durham, NC, that has a lot of chain stores like Borders Books, and is located next to a busy freeway, and there were Canadian Geese in the middle of the huge blacktop parking lot. Did it look like water from the sky? Perhaps nature really will prevail. We can only hope.

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