101 uses for used bottle caps

99. Mexican folk art cross honouring Frida Khalo

100. Miniature art magnets, pendants and broaches (these ones by me and my daughter)

101. Snowperson eyes

bottle caps

(I also like to use old rusty flattened bottle caps found on the road in collages. My daughter thinks I’m weird and pretends she doesn’t know me when I stop to pick them up.)

Note: the detail in the photos isn’t very good, so I wanted to point out that the penguin’s eyes are made with little gold beads, which I thought was pretty cool.

12 Responses to “101 uses for used bottle caps”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I recently returned from a trip to the cultural mecca of Italy, and what great souvenier did I bring back for my son? Bottlecaps I’d picked up from the side of the road when our tour bus stopped for breaks. He has a great collecion of them and had a “bottle cap” themed birthday one year. We also love to make crafts with them too. We shrunk down artwork the kids made and printed it off on the computer onto clear label paper and made stickers to put onto plain bottle caps. they came out great!

  2. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    I’ve started collecting bottletops and was starting to think about what i could make with them – thanks for the inspiration!

  3. jo Says:

    I have a bag filled with bottle caps. I would love to Decorate a bird house with them. What is the best way to fasten them to the wood? Small nails, Hot glue?
    Also how do I protect it from the elements?
    Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Jo Swanson

  4. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure what to suggest. I think either heavy duty hot glue or nails would work, but you’d have to be careful that sharp nail ends don’t protrude into the interior of the house if it’s actually going to be used by birds. Also, left outside, the bottle caps will rust (which could be bad or good, depending on what effect you want). I guess you could paint the whole thing with some kind of clear sealant, but I’m not familiar with what’s good for outdoor use, and you wouldn’t want to use anything that would be toxic to the birds. You could inquire at a hardware store.

    Sorry I can’t offer more help.


  5. jo Says:

    thanks, jacquie

  6. bree Says:

    hi there,
    just wondering what you use to flatten the edges of the bottle tops for the second picture there. i want to make some magnets or badges with them, but can’t figure out how to flatten down the sides. every time i try with a hammer, they go inwards….

  7. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    I didn’t flatten the edges. I Just left them as is. If the edges look a little more “open” I may have used unused caps (ie. bottle caps my husband bought for beer-making that hadn’t yet been clamped onto bottle tops).

  8. JaLasha Says:

    and what are yall talking about because all i wanted to know was how can i use bottles tops for a school project and this is not helping me at all

  9. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    What kind of school project?

  10. J J Keist Says:

    Try Gorilla Glue—it works great. I speak from experience, having watched it prove its stuff on a pair of glasses.

  11. Kevin Says:

    What size did you scale down the pictures to stick in the bottle caps? Did you use MS-Word?

    • Jacqueline Pearce Says:

      I tend to choose small images, stamps, etc. that fit the bottle caps without being shrunk. You’d have to do some experimenting to figure out how much you need to scale down an image. If you’re using MS Word you could use the ruler view and compare to measurement of bottle cap.

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