Raven in the fog

raven in the snowWe were socked in by fog almost all day yesterday. It was so thick during my daughter’s soccer game, we could hardly see the opposite end of the field (couldn’t at all when we first arrived). When we were walking across the parking lot after the game, a raven flew over, trailed by several cawing crows.

Lying awake in bed last night (I always have a hard time falling asleep Sunday nights), I had to jump up and jot down this haiku:

raven in the fog

if not for the noisy crows

might have passed unseen

CBC radio is having a contest right now, calling for poetry, short stories and songs about ravens, so it seems timely to have had a visit from a raven. Now, what to submit?


4 Responses to “Raven in the fog”

  1. Heather Says:

    I like your raven haiku! I was at a workshop this weekend and one of the participants was talking about her haiku group, that meets regularly to write haiku and read them aloud. She said it’s better than meditation!

  2. J-P Antonio Says:

    Hi Jacquie,

    Beautiful, ghostly photo of the raven. You are quick with the camera.

    I have noticed that some of your blogs have focussed on the unusual weather you’ve been experiencing on the West Coast, like the heavy snows and winds and now this fog. I wonder if weather, one of those safe conversation fillers, will become the new hot conversation topic.

    On this side of the Pacific we have been having a very unusual winter as well. It has been incredibly mild, the warmest I’ve seen it in the 17 years I’ve lived here. Yesterday, the plum tree in a neigbour’s garden was in full bloom and there were bees buzzing about. I was STUNNED. Normally these natural events don’t occur until the end of February. But what’s natural any more?

    Last day of the month
    Early bees in the plum trees
    Drunk on new nectar

  3. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    I have to admit, Craig (my husband) took the raven photo (with his camera that is much better than mine), but I did say “Quick, can you get a photo of that raven?”

    I’d say weather (and climate change) is definately becoming a hot topic these days (though no longer such a “safe” one).

    Your haiku reminds me of the one that was on the Naam restaurant sign. The blossom spotters are on the look out here, as well (apparently we usually get our first early sightings in January, but, thanks to the extra cold, we might be a bit behind this year).

  4. floatingclouds Says:

    Well, besides the latest global warming events and weather changes everywhere, weather has always been a big topic of conversation in the ‘deep south’ US where I live. In fact, every conversation is opened with the familiar line, “Hot enough for ya’?” or “Cold enough for ya’?” 🙂

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