Birthday luck

haiku signSome women dislike birthdays. I am not one of these. In fact, although my birthday is today, I have been celebrating it the whole month of January. Yesterday I went out for lunch with friends and was greeted by this haiku chalked onto a sign hanging in front of the Naam restaurant (in Vancouver’s east side).

This morning I opened this present (below right) sent from my friend Jean-Pierre in Japan:birthday maneki-neko

In keeping with the lucky cat theme, I thought I’d also share a couple photos and comments sent to me by people responding to my Quest for the Lucky Cat post. From Jodi at in the U.S., here is a photo of Kiki, “a rescued feral calico cat and my lucky cat…which she promptly knocked off the shelf and broke as soon as I brought it home from SF Chinatown. I had to glue it all back together. How lucky is that?”
Kiki and lucky cat

The rather spooky looking black cat at the bottom of this post is a giant Maneki-neko Jean-Pierre found in an antique store in Japan. author, Juliet, also shared a comment about the lucky cat in her flat in Edinburgh Scotland. Lucky cats around the globe!

maneki-neko in Mandu shop

Making connections with people is one of the things I love about blogging.


4 Responses to “Birthday luck”

  1. floatingclouds Says:

    Happy Birthday! ! Sounds as if you had a good one. I am one of those women who usually ignore their birthday. I changed my outlook just this year, after a friend of mine who celebrates life to the fullest, lectured me about it. She said it is important to celebrate all milestones, and honor ourselves.

    PS. Thanks for making Kiki famous. 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    Happy Birthday Jacquie!! I’m so sorry I had no idea it was today! Anyways, best wishes for a fabulous year to come and lots of well-deserved success.

  3. Jean-Piere Antonio Says:

    I agree with Floatingclouds. Birthdays should be celebrated because they are milestones telling us that we have gone around the sun one more time and that we have survived the myriad challenges that life throws at us occasionally. Also they’re a great excuse to get together with family and friends and CELEBRATE.

    Otanjobi omedetto gozaimasu!


  4. Jacqueline Pearce Says:

    Thanks, everyone! We don’t have enough rituals or celebrations to mark seasonal and life passages in Western culture, so I definately think birthdays should be aknowledged and made special! Since I don’t know all of your birthdays, I’d like to pass on this general wish to everyone (it’s a sentiment a friend wrote in one of the card’s I received, and I think it’s a good one):

    Wishing you happiness, health and adventure!


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