My dog, Dylan, usually goes to work with my husband, but today my husband went to a meeting and couldn’t take him. So, when I walked my daughter to school, the dog came too. Dylan, a blond Lab-cross adopted from the local animal shelter, knows the streets of our neighbourhood and knows his mind. After saying goodbye to my daughter, I turned to head home, and Dylan turned purposefully in the opposite direction. I gave in.

As we walked, I watched birds and composed haiku (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Dylan, interested only in checking out the various odours along the way, didn’t care at all about the birds (even when a Northern Flicker flew up right in front of his nose).

The dog:dog








The haiku:

new snow softly falls

black crow glides over white field

— silent watcher


in the middle of snow

crow sits in bare-branched tree

centre of the world


on our snow walk

my dog and I, in two worlds

mine sight, his smell



One Response to “Diversion”

  1. Heather Says:

    I love the haiku, especially the last one.

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