Thinking about my goals for the year. . . .

collage art

I created this art work for the January-February 2005 issue of Somerset Studio magazine, but the resolutions (create, travel, love, etc) are pretty much a continuous part of my life. I have a huge list of things I want to write this year, I want to make more time for art, I want to do some travelling within Canada with my husband and daughter this summer, I want to nurture friendships and family relationships, I want to include more music in my life (relearn how to play the guitar, for example), I want to pay attention to the world around me, overcome a few obstacles, take a few risks . . . (and do a few other things I’m not quite ready to commit to writing yet) . . .

How about you? Any resolutions you want to share?


One Response to “Resolutions”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Lovely collage! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will come back and read more. I’ll also link to you from my Crafty Green Poet blog. Thanks for visiting my blogs!

    I’ve not made specific New Years Resolutions this year. Good luck with yours!

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