Dumpster decorating

Some graffiti is just plain ugly vandalism, with no display of creativity (the tag and run variety). But some adds a touch of colour and character to stretches of drab urban landscape. The graffiti in the header at the top of this blog, for example, lends a feeling of life to a strip of characterless industrial buildings along the Skytrain line. The wild blackberries that threaten to swallow the graffiti, add another dimension, insinuating nature’s presence back into the scene.graffiti

To get the  photo for the header, I had to jump a ditch, walk along an overgrown stretch of abandoned train tracks and push my way through some bushes. I’m not sure what the few people who noticed thought I was doing. I also took this dumpster and Skytrain photograph (one of my favourite graffiti photos) near that same spot. What do you think? Vandalism or art?

When I came across these pink hearts painted on a blue dumpster near my house, then discovered pink hearts painted on other blue surfaces, I couldn’t help smiling and wondering about the whimsical artist who was compelled to go out in the middle of the night and clandestinely paint hearts all over the neighbourhood. graffitiIntriguing things happen in the city at night (aside from drug dealings, etc.). There’s a whole other world layered over top of the day-time one — populated by roving raccoons, coyotes and graffiti artists……


2 Responses to “Dumpster decorating”

  1. Heather Says:

    Ooh, beautiful photos. I have been wanting to do embroideries of graffiti for a while. Racoons, coyotes and grafitti artists – sounds like good company! (I’m having one of those “Fed up with people” kind of days.)

  2. J-P Antonio Says:

    H-m-m-m… Vancouver in December? I remember day after day of grey, grey, and more grey, broken up with an occassional, miraculous blue sky. It’s the kind of weather which begs for anti-depressives.

    If someone can go around Vancouver relieving the winter DULLNESS with some bright colours, I say MORE POWER TO THEM. The city should start handing out buckets of paint and brushes to volunteers. I bet doctors wouldn’t have to write so many prozac prescriptions.

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